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Free shipping on orders $150+
Free shipping on orders $150+

About Us

We opened Moosh in 2021 to offer a fresh collection of women’s fashion and lifestyle pieces that explore unique and emerging styles from local and international designers. Daughters of Persian, English, and Korean parents, we are inherently addicted to discovering beautiful objects in unusual places.  Inspired by the nostalgia of yesteryear, we believe authentic style, elegance, and comfort go hand in hand and take time to cultivate. Our mission is to help you discover what looks and feels uniquely irresistible on you.

In Persian, the  word  “Moosh” literally means mouse, but it is commonly used to describe objects of desire that are irresistible and adorable. We hope every visit to our boutique feels like an exploration and that each piece you discover feels authentically Moosh.

Roya and Julie