Agrume 8oz Reed Diffuser


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Clean and classic, Alora’s iconic diffuser design complements any decor and perfectly scents your space with its ‘always-on’ aroma.

Agrume is an invigorating montage of grapefruit, orange and eucalyptus. Its crisp blend is ideal in the kitchen, bathroom or any room craving a clean, citrus scent.

Alora Ambiance diffusers are made with a blend of high-quality fragrance and natural essential oils. Our fragrances are vegan, not tested on animals and paraben, phthalate and DEP free.

Our 8oz diffusers measure 14″ tall and last 1-3 months. Our 16oz diffusers measure 17″ tall and last 3-5 months. Our glass diffuser bottles are 100% recyclable.

Made in Minnesota.

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